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Design Your Dream Life  - Get a quick start
It is time to work on your Dream Life.
Did you know that you can achieve everything you desire just by knowing hoe to get it.

The rules to achieve your dream life is first by writing a blue print of all your dreams and desires.

1.Get a paper and pen (your best pals), enjoy the first step of writing all you like to have, down to every little details of a pretty house (and the little details of what color couch and kitchen counter, and all), my wonderful career (of being in what kind of environment, co-workers, making money, laughter, and more), write all you desire in all departments ( family, career, fitness, hobby, leisure, relationships, kids, now, and the future) of your life. Have fun writing, laugh and feel the joy of being there. The subconscious mind see and feel your joy as real and will lead you toward it.

2. Now it is time to be a part of something good. It is time to turn your dreams into goals, step by step and follow them to the action plans. Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams: The 15 Power Secrets of the World's Most Successful People ~ Steven K. Scott
You need a blank journal for this step, this book tells you step by step of turning your dreams into tasks, action plans, and how to follow them to reach your goals.

Note: If you like an spiritual point of view, this book enlightens a new way of thinking pattern. How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted: Complete Guide to Using Your Psychic Common Sense ~ Adrian Calabrese

3. Stay Focus by keep track of all your actions and activities. Look into each activity and see your progress. Make a note and stay tuned with your priorities for the next day, week, and month. Stay with it, no matter what difficulties come your way. Stay with your dreams and work on it. Take steps to get you closer to your dream lifestyle.  Achieving Objectives Made Easy! Practical goal setting tools & proven time management techniques ~ Raymond Le Blanc

4.Stay motivated by reading more on the subjects you need to get help.

5. Stay away from the activities that drain your energy. Procrastination is an example that the more you think of it and not doing it for any good reason is a high energy drainer.
Go for the activities that gives you more energy. The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be ~ Jack Canfield

6. Prioritize your daily activity to get you closer to what you like to achieve. Success Is Not an Accident: Change Your Choices; Change Your Life ~ Tommy Newberry

7. Be prepared to put in a lot of time and energy in order to succeed. You must dream, work hard, seek help, fight for what you believe, and get to the mood of the highest joy to receive it.
Go for it. Happy Living
Author: Mera Lord

   Design Your Dream Life ~ Mera Lord
I designed this book for you to use like a journal, read and answer, write all that comes to mind.

This method will help you get closer to your dream lifestyle faster.

The ultimate motivational book for success.

Live the life you deserve and want.

The plan to design and live your dream life.

To discover your true passion in life,
To start uncovering what is important to you,
To awaken your soul's desire,
To be happy and fulfilled,
To reach your goal in life,
And to have total happiness in the palm of your hands.

As you get older, have you found yourself reminiscing about the past or dreaming about the future? Perhaps you've learned a lot from the mistakes of your youth -- and you're wiser, stronger, and more confident than you were twenty years ago. But maybe not...

What if you're not sure exactly what you want? Or maybe you know where you'd like your life to go, but don't have a clue how to get there. In What's Next? Each chapter ends with a series of thought-provoking questions and suggestions that will help you learn from your own experience -- and make the right choices for the future.

With the wise advice in this practical, inspiring book, you'll learn how to trust your let go of others' say recognize when it's time to move on...and, most importantly, to decide what's next -- and what's best -- for you.

Take a moment and answer these questions:
- How do you see your dream life? ---------
- What is your passion in life? ---------
- What would you like to be and to have? --------
- How do you see yourself and your future: --------
- What are your talents, hobbies, and trades you have? -------
- If you could do whatever you wanted to do in life, what would it be? --------
- What are your greatest strengths? ----------
- What is holding you back? ---------
This book is written like a workshop, step by step guidelines followed by series of questionnaires, to get you to the place of happiness and comfort of  your dream life.

Get busy and have fun working on your dream life : Design Your Dream Life ~ Mera Lord

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